Terms of Service (Tos)
Below are our terms of service, which you wholly abide by upon purchasing our products:

Data, Information & General Conditions
We believe you are fully aware that any data (including but not limited to product descriptions), on this website, may not be currently accurate or up to date.

Our Products
Styleuno Liquid only has any number of the following ingredients in: Propylene Glycol (USP grade), Vegetable Glycerin (USP grade), Flavour (food-grade), Aqua (AVG), Herbal Extract (food-grade), Nicotine (unless 0mg). Our e-liquid does not contain any unapproved, illegal or dangerous chemicals or oils.

Styleuno Liquid strives to offer you the best quality of products, at all times. For this reason, we continuously refine our strategy as well as our ingredients, as we always listen to your lovely feedback. Therefore, our ingredients, or the supply used, may not always be the same as we may have sourced higher quality ingredients this time around, than previously. We can, however, proudly say that with each refinement, the overall product is much better. Additionally, product images may vary from the product description.

Our e-liquid is not a smoking substitute, or a cure for smoking related addictions.

Refunds and Exchanges
Please note, you are only insured for losses on the Insured shipping options. We will NOT compensate any product losses occurred during transit or delivery, without you choosing an Insured delivery method, upon checkout. More information can be found on our FAQ.

E-liquid is a product that is consumable, and for this reason it cannot be refunded or exchanged, once purchased, unless for reasons stated in a specific tab on the FAQ page. The same policies apply to our nicotine, PG, and VG products, as well as all our liquids.

As a customer, you are responsible for knowing the laws of your land. If your order is suspected as being classed as prohibited or dangerous, when shipped out to your country, any loss due to the destruction of the goods will not be compensated in anyway by Styleuno Liquid. However, we will try our utmost best to increase the chance of success for delivery.

If any refunds or exchanges are made, you as the customer are solely responsible for sending the products back to the return address, upon our agreement, and you will also pay the whole return shipping cost. In compliance, we will either exchange the products and send them to you free of charge, or we will offer you a refund — may that be a partial refund, or full refund — depending on the state of the products when we receive them back.

Note: We cannot attend to any product circumstance (refund, exchange, missing item inquiry) that is brought forward after 14 days from when the order was set to ‘complete’, i.e., shipped.

The courier services we use have delivered orders without a problem, anywhere in the world, in most cases. If any problem comes to light, such as the packaging clearly been opened/ripped and then taped back up, or a few products seem to be missing during the shipping due to the delivery driver/company, we will not attend to any of the circumstances if you have already signed for the package.

We always weigh each product and calculate the total weight of the order before shipping. So, we are always aware of what we ship out.

Additionally, we may need to provide extra information to the couriers such as phone numbers, for delivery purposes.

If it is your first order, or you live in a complex such as a flat, we recommend you to insure the delivery.

E-liquid & nicotine should be stored in a cool dark space, and must not be exposed to direct sunlight and high temperatures for long periods of time.

Once opened, e-liquid may seem to darken or discolour after time – bear in mind that this is natural oxidation, and does not affect the quality of the liquid.

All trademarks used on the website are only used to give an idea of the flavours of the e-liquid. We are NOT endorsed or in association with any trademarks/brands, unless specified clearly.

Age Restrictions
Our products are not suitable for anybody under the age of 18.

Living document
We reserve the right to change our terms & conditions at any time necessary. It is your responsibility to visit our terms & conditions page on a regular basis as a customer, in order to agree with them. You are also required to agree with our terms & conditions upon checkout, and this will form a formal legal contract with us with your full knowledge of doing so. If you believe our terms & conditions are not fair, you should NOT agree to them when making a purchase or using our website.

Our Rights
As a company selling goods and services, we reserve the right to cancel an order or ban a customer at any point in time without reason. This is our right as a seller and should be honoured by our customers. There may also be pricing errors on our website, from time to time. Please note that we have no obligation to honour incorrect prices. If a payment has been cleared, and we decide not to honour the order, a full refund will be provided.

Warnings & Nicotine Safety
Keep e-liquid, pg, vg, and nicotine fluids in a safe place out of reach from children – as the nicotine amount in our selective products could cause serious harm, so medical assistance must be sought immediately if so.

Nicotine in its pure form (1000mg/ml~) is a poison. 75mg is the maximum amount of potency that can be sold and bought without a poison license, in the UK. We proved a maximum amount of 72mg, as a single product, that should be diluted before use. However, it should still be treated with the greatest amount of care. Our bulk e-liquid products contain a maximum amount of 36mg nicotine, yet should not be abused.

Some flavours are commonly known to crack some e-cig tanks, regardless of the manufacturer. It is a rare occurrence, and does not happen often. If this occurs, Styleuno Liquid will not be held responsible.

Avoid all contact with eyes and skin, if this occurs wash immediately with water. Do not ingest, if swallowed seek immediate medical attention.
Using any of our products is solely the responsibility of the individual.

We accept no responsibility, or liability, for any injury or even in the worse case a fatality arising, as a consequence. All product use and consumption is done at the customers own risk.

For any further information, please see our FAQ page before contacting us.