Како одабрати најбољу е-ликуид стапа за Танкс и РЕБУИЛДАБЛЕ Девицес

e juice blends

Today I’ll cover what I believe are the best options for specific e-liquid blends and what types of млазнице да на најбољи начин тих мешавине.

Од свих мојих искустава, the wicking material used in your disposable млазнице, your wicking method and type of wick in your rebuildable devices is going to be the biggest factor in what e-liquid blends you’ll want to target for use. Проток ваздуха ће такође ући у игру.  You’ll first want to gauge what your preference is for throat hit, производња паре, Protok vazduha, и укус.  Then put together your ideal setup(а) да задовољи ту предност.


Most Common E-liquid Blends

Макс В.Г.

max VG

Макс В.Г. (Биљног глицерина) су мешавине где ће се користити миксер колико ВГ колико год могу.  You can get flavoring suspended in VG but this isn’t very common as VG in comparison to ПГ isn’t very efficient for carrying or blending flavoring.

A Max VG blend will be great for a smooth вапе, врло мало грло погодак (висок % НИЦ ће додати грла хит), и тона производње паре.  Most cloud chasers, ако не и сви, вапе макс В.Г. са 0мг ниц, тако да они могу добити највише пара са најмањом количином грла хит. Трговина са мање општи укус од недостатка ПГ, која цлоуд ловци нису баш забринути о.  So if you were to vape a 50/50 бленд онда је Макс ВГ спој у истом уређају на исте снаге, приметићете више укуса са листе 50/50 бленд али и јачи грло хит.  One thing to note is that heat promotes flavor. Можете изведем тона укуса из Макс ВГ мешавини од Дизање моћ даје течни више топлоте из својих намотаја.  Knowing this, А Мак В.Г. мешавина ће сијати у уређајима који могу да поднесу много енергије и пружа адекватну проток ваздуха како би ствари од прегревања и / или спаљивање.  Good quality RDA’s and RBA’s that have larger liquid channels to accommodate thicker liquids are ideal for Max VG blends. Само савет, if you’re just starting out vaping it’s always best to start with a company that has е сок узорци или самплер комплети, тако да можете не само добити укус за неколико својих сокова, али тако можете видети како ваш уређај ремонтовати реагује на е сокове који варирају у боји, дебљина, и сласт.


70% В. 30% ПГ

70 30 PG VG

Ово је широм одлична мешавина за многе апликације.  It will contain 70% волумен као и ВГ 30% волумен као ПГ. То даје флексибилност миксер у њиховом мешавине приликом мешања.  It will still have that signature smooth, светло грло хит које ћете наћи у већини Макс ВГ мешавине, али такође носи више ПГ, што чини течност тањи и промовише већу арому.  This blend will work great in RDA’s, већина РРА, и го-како би се уклопили за све нове Под Танкс ударају на тржиште.  You can also get away with using this blend in some clearomizers.  But I wouldn’t suggest it, боље иде са следећом мешавином по мом мишљењу.


50% В. 50% ПГ

Ово је иди на е-ликуид стартер спој за све те људе у потрази за старт вапинг and who are picking up their first ‘dipping a toe in the waterеГо комплет.  A 50/50 blend will work like a dream in the more basic clearomizers with disposable coil heads.  If you’re the type of person that would rather go all out with a high power device and a nice tank this blend will still be fine, али ја бих такође сугеришу да покуша 70ВГ / 30ПГ да видимо шта желите више.  This blend in an RDA, ће радити, али очекујем неки пљују назад ако случајно преко инфузију.

Тањи течност тежи да не 'стицк’ на намотаја толико, изазива неки поппинг и пљују назад на вишем Ваттер / напон.  Also some serious throat hit at higher wattage.  In some cases with RBA tanks the liquid might be too thin, causing some leakingThis can also be cause by too little airflow or too little wicking material, see below where I discusses this potential issues. Thicker and/or sweeter e-liquid in a device that isn’t meant for it may turn your калем црна.


Високи ПГ

throat hit

Познајем неколико људи који воле да се вапе високе ПГ мешавине.  60% ПГ / 40% В.Г. или чак више на страни ПГ због грла хита.  The more PG the bigger (или оштрији) грло погодак. Они воле да цигарете Емулатинг бурн.  PG does promote flavor but only to an extent.  I personally couldn’t tell the difference from a 50/50 бленд то А 60/40 ili čak 70/30 Високо ПГ укус мудро.  Throat hit on the other hand, могу осетити разлику.  Unless you have a tank system that needs very thin liquid or really, стварно, стварно као озбиљне грло хита, Можда би било боље служио са 50/50 or higher on the side of VG. Again, preference is what matters here. I’m sure some Картомајзер applications would be greatly suited for high PG blends.


Дистиллед мешавине воде

Ако имате ПГ или ВГ алергију ово ће бити одлична опција за вас.  Getting a VG/Distilled Water blend you are going to suffer a flavor and mild throat hit loss.  On the bright side and most importantly, нећете бити пате од алергија иоур.  Most flavor makers offer their flavors suspended in Distilled Water.

ПГ / Дистиллед мешавине воде су веома брутални на грлу.  They offer great flavor, али веома мало производња паре са нуклеарним грло хит.  If I had a VG allergy I would 100% користите овај спој само да се клоним цигарете.  Just keep the wattage/voltage low with high resistance atomizers and good airflow. It can be tolerated.




За вас Ребуилдерс тамо, what type of material used for your wick can dictate the blend you use. Using Silica or similar materials will have naturally slow capillary action. Thinner liquids will be better suited so you can optimize this action and get liquid to the coils at a steady rate and minimize dry hits. Sure it’s possible to drip a Max VG blend directly onto the coils, but don’t expect the silica or eco wool to absorb liquid from the deck and bring it to the coils or draw liquid out of a tank in a timely fashion.

Using Ball Cotton and the many Cotton Pad variants have great capillary action. Ball Cotton has slightly less capillary action than the Japanese Pad types because the tiny fibers in Ball Cotton all run parallel to each other while the Pad variants do. There is also Rayon, синтетички, silky material which has better capillary action then Ball Cotton but not quite as good as the Pad types. I used Rayon for quite some time with great success. It has great flavor right out of the gate, whereas Ball Cotton usually has a break-in period when it can taste a little earthy. After trying Pad type cotton, such as Koh Gen Do or Muji cotton, I haven’t looked back. I don’t taste the break-in period that I do with Ball Cotton and I get better wicking action than I do with Rayon. Koh Gen Do is a great all around wicking material that is capable of being used in most, ако не и сви, applications. If anyone wants to try Rayon, Имам кутију 5ЛБ (скоро време живота снабдевање) полагање око, радо би одсечена 100фт или тако за тебе. Само оставите коментар испод и ја ћу вам се јавити.


Protok vazduha

Проток ваздуха Извршење Капиларна својства ће само применити у тенковима који користе вакуум, and the airflow will effect the flavoring and heat. Less airflow, топлија ствари добија, which will produce more flavor. Finding a good balance that works for you is what you should be after. Airflow effecting wicking is a fine balance you need to practice and experiment with.

Primer (са Дно Цоил Цлеаромизерс и RBAs like a Kayfun or Goblin), lets say I like to mouth to lung inhale my vape. This would require fairly closed off airflow. Since my airflow is closed down when I take a draw I’m going be applying negative pressure inside the tank, со вакуумом унутар резервоара (мехур изнад течности унутар резервоара) is going to want to draw more e-liquid in. So if I don’t have enough wicking material I’ll draw in too much liquid and flood my coils. If I have too much wicking material it will blow the flow, без обзира колико се трудио драв, causing dry hits. The more you open the airflow the less negative pressure you’ll apply so you’ll have to learn to balance your wicking material. The more airflow you have, мање материјала да ћете желите да користите за ефикасно вицкинг, but the less airflow you have the more material you’ll want to use to keep from floodingIt’s a fine balancing act.

Ово се не односи на АРР, јер не постоји резервоар или вакуум да бринете о, тако да слободно напунити максималну количину материјала као што можете у тим котуровима (правило није толико калема(а) ће се померити около док покушавате да повуче свој материјал преко) и Вапе у гостима.


Ниц Левел Е-Ликуид мјешавине

ejuice strength guide

Deciding how much никотин to add to your e-liquid is yet another fine balancing act you need to tackle by trial and error. It starts off depending on how much you smoke (ако нисте дуван корисник, Ја топло препоручујемо да се од никотина остану заједно).  Myself, Био сам пакет дневно пушачI started with a $35 Kanger EVOD kit with 18mg nicotine Liquid. I realized immediately that it was too strong with how I was vaping. The convenience of my little vaporizer had me wanting to puff on it all day. With cigarettes, Морао бих да престанем шта радим, izađe napolje, smoke and come back in. I didn’t have this issue with my vaporizer, Могао бих да дим након увлачења.

My next e-liquid order I stepped down to 12mg and it was a noticeable difference and worked great with my little EVODs. I also did my best to taper my usage and not chain vape myself to a nicotine headache. Then I upgraded to a more powerful vaporizer, 12мг постала прејака, time to step it down again. You where this is going. From what I gathered over my experiences and talking to many other people that use vaporizers. The balance point seems to be, a pack a day can be curved with around 12mg per ml of e-liquid. Work from there. 2 пакле дневно?  Maybe 18mg or stronger. Less then a pack a day?  6-8mg might be a good place to start.


Да закључимо ову сугестије пост, Рећи ћу ово:  Most things are subjective and something I covered here might not work for you. The best advice I’ve ever received is guidelines or common knowledge and the recommendation that I try anything and everything I can until I’ve found what works best for me. So take all suggestions here as just that, a suggestion. This is in no way a be all, end all guide line for the perfect E-liquid blends. Build off the information I’ve gathered over many, много месеци покушаја и погрешака и наћи оно што чини велики вапинг искуство за вас.

Kao i uvek, stay healthy. Until next time


Scott has been an avid vaper for the past three years now. He started smoking when he was 13 years old and had his last cigarette on February 22nd, 2013 u dobi od 29 when he received his very first vape starter kit in the mail. That day was a good day, one that he will always remember and he's here to share his journey with you so that hopefully you can have that same great, healthy feeling that Scott has!


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      Hey Bobby,

      I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking regarding cotton. Can you be more specific. As far as a good flavor to put in your Subtank Mini, my favorite so far is Strawberry Banana Smoothie from the Style Uno line. Give it a shot, the 60VG/40PG blend is going to come through great.

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