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Multi-channel marketing

90% of consumers research online before purchasing locally.

Product brands are the heavyweights in the online marketing fight, and they have a big opportunity to shift their weight in support of their local retail partners. Brands need to do more than shout ringside encouragements; they also need to share in some of the financial investment by offering incentives and reimbursements.

Think With Google found that consumers consult 24 touch points on their path to purchase—most of which are online.

Localization and customization

We tailor our in-store displays to each specific retail environment

Hyperlocal advertising can help brands work with retailers to determine which neighborhoods near a specific retailer will be the most interested in a particular product. Then, based on those learnings, the brand can develop and test real-time messaging appropriate for that targeted audience.

Buy online and pick-up in store has become an essential offering, and must be executed flawlessly. We also see text marketing as a better way to engage some customers.

Customer centricity

86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience

“Sequenced” ads that first tell the brand story, followed by product information before inviting people to sign up seem to work better to engage customers and build customer loyalty.

Our staff is continuously striving towards this with each and every single new piece of content that we share with our readers.


The average person spends 162 minutes on their phone per day.

According to Forrester research, by 2017, 60% of all retail sales will involve the Internet. That’s 8x greater than the 7% of sales currently done on the Internet today.

with 71% of users accessing social media from a mobile device, you can no longer afford to not make this channel a focal point in your retail strategy.

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